Understand your brand more thoroughly with brand image research.Brand image research defines how your customers perceive your company compared to the market as a whole. By better understanding your brand image, you can develop marketing strategies and tactics that will more effectively insert your brand into the minds of your target market.

Brand image research identifies positive brand associations to leverage. It also identifies any negative brand associations requiring attention. It tells you why your best customers are loyal, why some customers don’t shop as much as you would like, and why others don’t buy from you at all.

Brand Image Research investigates:

  • Brand awareness
  • Positive and negative brand equity
  • Key factors in the market that influence shopping and buying
  • Customer satisfaction priorities
  • Service, price, and selection image compared to competition

The results of brand image research provide a defined set of market-based and actionable criteria for enhancing your brand. Improving your brand image will strengthen customer loyalty and attract new customers.