Get the information you need with our data collection tools.

Do you have a research staff or in-house resources that define your research plan or design your surveys? Many of our clients have developed their own methodologies, designed questionnaires, and have internal analysis capabilities. For this reason, we offer basic data collection services to help manufacturers and retailers capture the information they need. The Farnsworth Group owns and operates data collection resources in order to ensure you receive the best respondent targeting and high-quality data among Homeowners, Do-It-Yourself consumers and Trade Professionals.

Data collection methods offered, but are not limited to:

  • Online data collection
  • Telephone data collection
  • Focus Groups
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • In-Store Intercepts


Our market research firm owns and operates an online B2B panel of over 18,000 targeted construction professionals, such as Home Builders, Remodelers, General Contractors and Architects.

We can provide you with a sample of our targeted contractors, program/host your survey online, provide real-time reporting and field surveys within days. If needed, we can also perform basic data tabulations and analysis.



The Farnsworth Group partners with the highest quality call centers that specializes in CATI Research particularly for B2B research in the home improvement, building materials, hardware, home improvement and lawn & garden industries.

Through 25+ years of call center expertise, our professional research consultants can deliver you sample, survey programming, data collection, analysis and data delivery.  We understand how to get professionals to respond and when it’s important to dig deeper on specific topics.