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  1. HomeAdvisor Partners with The Farnsworth Group to Create Industry Index

    The Farnsworth Group is excited to announce the launch of the HomeAdvisor Farnsworth Index.  This index will provide the home improvement and building products industry with quarterly sentiment from remodelers, exterior trade professionals, mechanical contractors, landscape professionals and interior finish specialty trades. Each quarter the HomeAdvisor Farnsworth Index surveys thousands of res…Read More

  2. HIRI, The Farnsworth Group Announce Partnership

    INDIANAPOLIS - As of Jan. 1, 2017, The Farnsworth Group will be managing the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI). This partnership will help further HIRI's mission of being the authoritative source for timely, relevant and accurate market research on the home improvement industry. HIRI will now leverage The Farnsworth Group's research expertise for enhanced research design and insights. HI…Read More

  3. Detail Merchandising Still Pays Off

    Improving the in the store shopping experience has become a key priority for many.  The role of the store is certainly evolving from what customers want and expect from their store experience to how they choose to receive (and return) goods they purchase online.  But one store experience constant remains: merchandising sells goods. Why? Because merchandising can affect two important variables i…Read More

  4. Battery-Powered vs. Gasoline Outdoor Power Equipment

    LEVERAGING DATA TO OVERCOME THE GREAT OPE DIVIDE You use batteries a lot. Just think about your typical day-to-day—now think about how many of the critical steps in that day are fueled by lithium-powered batteries. It’s your smart phone, your power tools, your car, potentially. But the seemingly-arbitrary line in the sand? For landscapers and DIYers it seems to be battery-powered outdoor powe…Read More

  5. The Store is STILL Important

    Online retailing trends are receiving the most attention these days and thus they should.  Online shopping and purchasing continue to skyrocket. It’s a fact.  But many seem to forget that the store is still important. The physical store and in-store shopping experience play a critical role in shaping customers’ shopping and buying habits.  They play an even greater role in defining brand im…Read More

  6. NKBA Research Pegs Industry Value at $134 billion

    The following is a press release from the NKBA on Jan. 11, 2017.  The Farnsworth Group was honored to be the research and consulting firm serving the NKBA on their recent industry efforts. KITCHEN & BATH INDUSTRY SHOW, ORLANDO (January 11, 2017) — Kitchens and baths are the heart and soul of our homes, representing a $134 billion industry, according to research released today by the Nation…Read More

  7. Building a path to purchase

    Inspiration takes on increased importance in an industry filled with new players and new trends. The following is an article by Ken Clark from HBS Dealer on January 3, 2017. Genius, believed Albert Einstein, is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Home improvement — judging from the quantity and variety of photo-rich, idea-sparking digital platforms that are competing for homeowner eyeballs and …Read More

  8. Assessing Your Brand Image – Establishing Benchmarks for Measuring Brand Success

    Brand Image "Brand" is a popular topic--certainly one of perspective, disagreement and often confusion. From marketers, academics, dealers/retailers and others, we have many definitions of "brand." But let's simplify the definition. Your brand is what first comes to mind....good, bad, or other, when someone thinks of your company. Many companies don't know what first comes to mind when customers …Read More

  9. Research on What Boomers Want When Home Buying

    The Farnsworth Group recently completed a study on behalf of Hanley Wood and Taylor Morrison.  Below is a release of some of the findings. Hanley Wood and home builder Taylor Morrison have just unveiled new research on what buyers in the 55+ age group want when purchasing a new home. Research revealed includes findings gleaned from a focus group with buyers in this age group as well as a separat…Read More

  10. 2016 Houzz & Home Study Released

    The following is a Houzz Press Release from June 22, 2016.  The Farnsworth Group conducted all field research on behalf of Houzz for the Houzz & Home  Survey. SPENDING IS ON THE RISE FOR KITCHEN AND BATH RENOVATIONS, HOUZZ SURVEY FINDS Over a quarter of renovation projects are driven by recent home purchases. Homeowners are investing larger budgets into their kitchen and bathroom renovatio…Read More

The Farnsworth Group has been working directly with building material manufacturers since 1989.

Since being founded in 1989, The Farnsworth Group has been working directly with Building Supply Dealers, Home Centers, Hardware Stores and Farm & Ranch Stores.

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