1. Market Research: An Even Greater Need In Agribusiness Today

    Marketing Research:  An even greater need in Agribusinesses todayIn an earlier article, we discussed four conditions under which marketing research is of even greater need than is typical:Market dynamics are changing - rapidly.The target customer is changing - rapidly.Competitor approaches are changing - rapidly.Your organization is changing - rapidly.Put another way, the greater and/or faster th…Read More

  2. Yes, you need market research…more today than ever!

    Your organization is faced with a significant business challenge or opportunity: Competitive pressure, Alternative path to market, Revised sales model, New product or technology launch, Adjusted brand experience, New digital marketing strategy, Market share erosion, Sales decline, Margin pressure, Lost customers, Evolving customer target. The list of challenges and opportunities goes on.  Sound f…Read More

  3. The Farnsworth Group strengthens its building products, home improvement research expertise with new hire

    The Farnsworth Group, Inc., a leading custom market research firm with vertical industry expertise, has hired Jay Fenik, a proven sales and marketing thought leader with extensive building products and home improvement industry experience. Fenik joins The Farnsworth Group as a Business Development Manager.  For over 10 years he has worked closely with top retailers, distributors, and contractor…Read More

  4. The Farnsworth Group Strengthens Industry Research Expertise in Agribusiness With New Hire

    INDIANAPOLIS, IN (July 26, 2017) – The Farnsworth Group, Inc., a leading custom market research firm with vertical industry expertise, has hired Robert Weaver, a proven thought leader in the agribusiness industry. Weaver joins The Farnsworth Group as VP of Agribusiness having dedicated his career to the industry. For the past twenty years, he has worked closely with agricultural manufacturers, s…Read More

  5. HomeAdvisor Farnsworth Index – Q2 2017 Results Released

    Second quarter results of the HomeAdvisor Farnsworth Index have been released.  The index, conducted among residential trade professionals,  defines not only current sentiment but begins to uncover what may be causing that sentiment by capturing input on market dynamics impacting their business expectations. Q2 Index results show continued optimism among all residential contractor segments.  7…Read More

  6. Where’s the Service?

    What is happening to service?  We are seeing that service is becoming a challenge for more and more dealers.  This is a dangerous situation for some. Too many are lacking any effective “price” response to online and other low price retailers and supply sources.  They are relying heavily on their service to keep them relevant. Whether they are consumers or pros, customers are becoming more a…Read More

  7. HomeAdvisor Partners with The Farnsworth Group to Create Industry Index

    The Farnsworth Group is excited to announce the launch of the HomeAdvisor Farnsworth Index.  This index will provide the home improvement and building products industry with quarterly sentiment from remodelers, exterior trade professionals, mechanical contractors, landscape professionals and interior finish specialty trades. Each quarter the HomeAdvisor Farnsworth Index surveys thousands of res…Read More

  8. HIRI, The Farnsworth Group Announce Partnership

    INDIANAPOLIS - As of Jan. 1, 2017, The Farnsworth Group will be managing the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI). This partnership will help further HIRI's mission of being the authoritative source for timely, relevant and accurate market research on the home improvement industry. HIRI will now leverage The Farnsworth Group's research expertise for enhanced research design and insights. HI…Read More

  9. Detail Merchandising Still Pays Off

    Improving the in the store shopping experience has become a key priority for many.  The role of the store is certainly evolving from what customers want and expect from their store experience to how they choose to receive (and return) goods they purchase online.  But one store experience constant remains: merchandising sells goods. Why? Because merchandising can affect two important variables in…Read More

  10. Battery-Powered vs. Gasoline Outdoor Power Equipment

    LEVERAGING DATA TO OVERCOME THE GREAT OPE DIVIDE You use batteries a lot. Just think about your typical day-to-day—now think about how many of the critical steps in that day are fueled by lithium-powered batteries. It’s your smart phone, your power tools, your car, potentially. But the seemingly-arbitrary line in the sand? For landscapers and DIYers it seems to be battery-powered outdoor power…Read More