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For 30 years, The Farnsworth Group has accrued specialized industry knowledge while perfecting tools for custom market research. This dual expertise enables us to deliver solutions that make all the difference in improving your performance.


We exclusively serve clients within the scope of our industry expertise



We propel manufacturers’ and suppliers’ success by thoroughly understanding their specific challenges and only then creating targeted custom research. For three decades, we’ve partnered closely with those from hardware and home improvement to construction and building materials.


We help those who manufacture and sell lawn and garden products keep ahead of trends by mining issues from demographic shifts to ever-changing technological and environmental factors. With our combined industry and research expertise, we know where to dig.


In the midst of exponential change and consolidation, we provide a steadying influence, get to know your business intimately and generate substantive insights as we connect with the farmers, growers and other hard-to-reach sources you need.



We have all the latest quantitative, qualitative, data collection and analytic tools in our arsenal, and then some. More important, however, is knowing what methods are best suited for your needs. With the benefit of our experience, we know which methods — new or time-tested — will generate superior results. Our custom studies yield the useful considerations and actionable recommendations you need.


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