The Farnsworth Group defined our consumers’ needs, and provided us a path to successfully reengineer our brand while maintaining a connection with our company’s rich past.



HYDE® helps pros at work and at home find the tools they need to finish remodeling and repair jobs faster, better and easier. Based in Massachusetts Hyde Tools has grown from its early start as a cutlery manufacturer into the leading provider of hand tools for jobs of many kinds. Today, HYDE® brand tools are used by painters, drywall professionals and remodelers throughout the world. Not to mention homeowners!

As the end-user market progresses, so must their brand. In order to determine branding that not only aligned with HYDE’s century plus history, but also provides a forward thinking image, HYDE looked to The Farnsworth Group for answers. They need to understand: How DIYers viewed their product? What perceptions do professional end-users have of HYDE? What imagery resonates? What message is communicated with an updated logo?


The Farnsworth Group, with use of its proprietary online research panel of construction professionals and third-party resource of DIYers, developed a multi-phase research approach that included questionnaire development, online data collection, analysis and findings from both Consumer and Professional end-users.


The Farnsworth Group provided HYDE with a comprehensive report of findings which helped identify key customer segments: where they shop, how they shop the aisle and what features and benefits they need. This initiative allowed HYDE to revamp their products and merchandising to better target the brand’s customer.

The result…increased skus and increased brand share due to higher demand from channel partners and consumers of all types.

To learn more about HYDE visit HYDEtools.com.