ITW Brands

We were very pleased with the recommendations and research execution of The Farnsworth Group. Their industry knowledge and online panel was an asset to ensure we captured the right information.



ITW Brands was formed in 1992 as a decentralized business unit of Illinois Tool Works Inc. (NYSE: ITW). Based outside of Chicago, Illinois, ITW Brands was created to meet the growing demand from consumers and remodeling contractors for high-quality home improvement and do-it-yourself construction products. ITW Brands’ products are used and trusted by industry professionals and carried throughout a variety of channels. ITW Brands’ top-quality tools and fasteners include: Tapcon, E-Z Anchor, Red Head, Ramset, Teck, Rock-On, Backer-On, Tornado and Racor.

ITW Brands relies on market research to guide their product development and merchandising efforts. ITW Brands approached The Farnsworth Group because they wanted to capture information from professionals end-users and Do-It-Yourself homeowners regarding decorative hooks. They wanted data that would answer several questions:

  • What are the purchase drivers of decorative hooks?
  • What is the most important factor when purchasing decorative hooks?
  • How are consumers using decorative hooks?
  • What are the like/dislikes of decorative hooks currently available in the market?


The Farnsworth Group was able to utilize their in-house data collection resources and industry expertise to provide a full service research solutions. The Farnsworth Group first consulted with ITW Brands on a questionnaire draft they provided to ensure it would yield information needed to answer their questions. Clients often utilize The Farnsworth Group’s industry knowledge in order to refine how, where and what questions should be asked. Second, The Farnsworth Group used its internal B2B data collection service, Specpan, to program and host ITW Brands’ survey online.

Next, through their proprietary online B2B panel, Specpan, The Farnsworth Group accessed 150 targeted Residential Remodeler and General Contractors. They also utilized third party alliances to collect an additional 500 responses from Do-It-Yourself homeowners of various ages and experience levels. Programming and data collection was completed within two weeks.


Once fielding was complete the final step was data analysis and reporting. The Farnsworth Group and Specpan coded all open-end responses, tabulated the data using several banners and provided ITW Brands with a summary report. This report included respondent profiles, graphed results segmented by end-user type and a summary of findings based on data analysis.

By understanding usage habits, key purchase drivers, and unmet needs ITW Brands made product feature enhancements and improved package communication. ITW Brands has recently launched its new line of decorative hooks throughout big box retailers in the United States. They are quickly gaining consumer approval and market share due to the features that address consumer and professional needs, which were uncovered through The Farnsworth Group’s research.

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