Customer satisfaction research helps you confirm what your customers like, dislike or what they would like to see improved in your business. Properly using this customer feedback requires listening to their responses. Then you can act on what your customers tell you they really want, not what you think they want.

Creating and maintaining positive customer experiences ensures existing customer loyalty and attracts new customers.

Customer Satisfaction Research can explore:

  • Customer service experiences
  • Ease of shopping
  • Merchandising effectiveness
  • Brand messaging
  • Competitive shopping
  • Store first shopped
  • Price perceptions
  • Shopping frequency



Advertising effectiveness research evaluates your markets’ advertising and communication environment and how effectively you are reaching customers.  You will receive a defined Ad Effectiveness Rate through our proven method that involves various degrees of analysis.

Advertising research can also gauge the benefits of customer loyalty programs, special events and more. Understanding advertising habits and preferences will ensure you are properly investing your media dollars in the most efficient manner.

Advertising Effectiveness Research investigates:

  • What advertising methods are being used in your market
  • Which types of advertising are preferred
  • What messages resonate most with consumers
  • What information is being looked for in ads



Brand image research defines how your customers perceive your company compared to the market as a whole. By better understanding your brand image, you can develop marketing strategies and tactics that will more effectively insert your brand into the minds of your target market.

Brand image research identifies positive brand associations to leverage. It also identifies any negative brand associations requiring attention. It tells you why your best customers are loyal, why some customers don’t shop as much as you would like, and why others don’t buy from you at all.

Brand Image Research investigates:

  • Brand awareness
  • Positive and negative brand equity
  • Key factors in the market that influence shopping and buying
  • Customer satisfaction priorities
  • Service, price, and selection image compared to competition

The results of brand image research provide a defined set of market-based and actionable criteria for enhancing your brand. Improving your brand image will strengthen customer loyalty and attract new customers.




Category improvement research is an important part of strategy development because it offers a comprehensive product evaluation by incorporating internal sales and financial performance analyses with customer and market feedback.

Category improvement research provides the information you need to have the products customers want. It also makes it possible to sell more to your existing customers and extend your reach to new customers.

Category Improvement Research allows you to:

  • Align your product mix to changing customer needs
  • Develop a truly market-driven product expansion strategy
  • Refine and enhance your core product categories
  • Define your “signature categories” that are central to your brand
  • Respond to competitive developments in your markets

Category Improvement Research:

  • Measures purchase frequency for product categories
  • Investigates competitive shopping share for specific categories
  • Establishes category purchase motivators (breadth, price, depth, brand, service requirements, etc.)




Market Expansion/New Market Research provides a comprehensive evaluation of specific markets or geographies targeted for growth. Whether you are adding a new location or strengthening your sales and marketing presence,

    Market Expansion / New Market Research is a form of retail consulting that helps to identify those unique characteristics of a local market that can accelerate the success of your market entry.

      Understand market populations of relevant customers.


      Market Expansion / New Market Research investigates:

      • What influences customer shopping and buying behavior?
      • Who are the major competitors and why?
      • Where are customers shopping for specific product categories?
      • What are the similarities and differences to your existing markets?
      • What is your brand awareness and does it carry equity?
      • What is the best way to reach customers with your marketing message?