Positive Signs from HIRI Conference, Remodeling Show

The Farnsworth Group is heavily involved in various building material industry research groups such as Joint Center for Housing’s Remodeling Futures, Home Improvement Research Institute, and National Lumber and Building Materials Dealers Association to name a few. This week the fall conference for HIRI as well as the Remodeling Show were held in Chicago, IL.  Both events had strong attendance and very positive views toward the current and future remodeling market.

HIRI was attended by roughly 120 research and marketing professionals representing some of the most well known building products manufacturers and retailers.  Presenters were industry experts from the financial, housing and research markets including The Farnsworth Group President Brad Farnsworth.  One theme was consistent, which was the potential growth of the housing market and continued strength of the remodeling market.  Also reflected throughout the conference was the changing behaviors of the home improvement and home buying customer especially among younger generations.  These changes may be towards not only what they purchase, but why and how they purchase products.

The Remodeling Show and Deck Expo had strong traffic and was generally up-beat among attendees.  Many vendors commented that they had seen more significant floor traffic than previous shows held in Chicago.  Many remodelers seemed optimistic about their business growth over the coming year putting some emphasis on new and/or better building materials.

While none of us can predict the future there are certainly many statistical, research-based and anticdotal signs that point to a continued growth of the housing and remodeling markets.  This leaves many manufacturers, retailers, dealers and distributors asking “what do we need to deliver to meet the needs of the improving market and changing customer?”.  Want the answer?  Then please contact The Farnsworth Group at sales@thefarnsworthgroup.com.

Ryan Lee