Why “Ad” When You Can Subtract

The Farnsworth Group was featured in the September 2013 issue of Hardware Retailing.  In the article “Why ‘Ad’ When You Can Subtract”, the National Retail Hardware Association referenced The Farnsworth Group’s 2011 research report on ‘Advertising Effectiveness Among DIYers’.  The articles looks at effectiveness of various advertising methods among hardware and home improvement retailers.  While there are several mediums that may require heavy time or fiscal investments, there are also very cost effective ad methods that yield a strong return on investment.  Most importantly, retailers need to invest in several ad methods in order to have the greatest impact among DIYers.  To learn which mediums are best for your organization please contact The Farnsworth Group at sales@thefarnsworthgroup.com or call 866-773-2726 x.301.

View the September 2013 issue of Hardware Retailing at http://www.hardwareretailingarchive.com/i/155457

Ryan Lee