Think You’re Meeting Customers’ Expectations? Don’t Count On It!

The retail market is strong, but market growth and stability are creating a false sense of competence among many home improvement and hardware retailers. Technology and emerging generations are shaping much higher and different customer expectations. While most hardware retail operators believe they are meeting customers’ expectations, the reality is that many are not!

For hardware and home improvement retailers, these circumstances are complicated because of issues like:

  • Struggling to know and understand the rapidly changing wants and needs of the wide range of customer segment…especially at the local market level.
  • Hesitating to embrace technology advances and slow to keep pace.
  • Becoming complacent from sustained market growth and market stability.
  • Staying ignorant of the competitive environment
  • Not studying the best of “best of class” and intra-type competitors nationwide…nor at the local market level.

So, what do you do? Start by considering how you stack up on modern service expectations.  Whether you’re a typical or best-in-class retailer, you need to continually check and fully understand what other customer expectations mean.

Here’s what Consumers’ want:

  • Easy Self Shopping – Easy to navigate floor plan, Easy to read/follow signage
  • Employee Attention – Available, Easily identifiable
  • Product Selection & Information – Help choosing, Help using
  • Project Assistance – Knowing all products required for project
  • Website – Easy to navigate, Relevant product information/content, Purchasing options

You can see the gaps between customer expectations and retailer performance below:

Contact us to understand what your customers expect, how you’re meeting their expectations and how retailers in your market compare.

Ryan Lee