Contractor and Architect Attitudes Towards Receiving Your Emails

Email campaigns can be an effective component of your marketing. The key to an email campaign that works is understanding your target customers’ attitudes and preferences regarding emails. Suppliers and manufacturers serving pros should consider the following:

  1. Are pros even interested in receiving emails from my company?

  2. What kind of content or messages would they like to see?

  3. How often would they prefer to be contacted?

The Farnsworth Group recently surveyed 413 pros about their media use habits. Respondents included general contractors, home builders, architects, specialty contractors, and kitchen and bath designers. Here’s what we found out about emails.

Level of Interest

Most pros are open to receiving emails from suppliers/manufacturers. About a third are “extremely interested,” while around another third are “somewhat interested.”  With approximately 70 percent of pros at least somewhat interested, email offers an efficient way to reach professional customers for both marketing and sales.

Email level of interest.png

Desired Content

59% of pros interested in receiving emails want to see sales or discounts, 58% want to see new product information, and 39% want to see technical specs on products. Providing relevant content to pros is essential.

Desired email content.png

Preferred Frequency

Many pros would prefer to receive email from a supplier/manufacturer on a weekly basis. 32% would prefer emails once a week, and almost 30% would prefer emails 2-3 times a week.

Desired email frequency.png

Conclusion and Recommendations

Email can be a powerful part of your sales and marketing. It provides a cost-effective means to consistently position your brand to customers and non-customers alike, across the range of customer types. Central to a high-performance email campaign is understanding if, what and how often your target wants email communication. This varies considerably across local market conditions and by customer type.

Want to learn more about your customers’ needs and preferences? Contact us to understand your customer, brand and products in more detail.