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Let Us Help You With:

  • Growth planning
  • Acquisition planning
  • Brand positioning
  • New product development
  • Merchandising optimization
  • Category management
  • Packaging performance
  • Pricing analysis
  • Product assortment planning
  • Customer satisfaction

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The Farnsworth Group has been helping building material manufactures improve their market performance for decades. Let us help you identify market opportunities through custom research and industry insight.
Manufacturer Services
The Farnsworth Group has been working directly with building material manufacturers since 1989. Through decades of custom research projects, we have found many manufacturer based client needs center around seven primary research services. These types of research activities can involve quantitative and/or qualitative methodologies and are conducted among consumers and/or professional end-users. View additional information by clicking on each service or contacting us directly about your specific questions.

Each of these services include multiple phases:

  • Defining project scope, objectives, respondents, methodologies
  • Project design and set-up
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Reporting and presentation of findings, conclusions and recommendations

We conduct custom research projects among a wide spectrum of home improvement and building material consumers. By working closely with our clients we target the most applicable consumer segment based on the project objectives.

Usage/Attitude Research:

Consumer market evaluation and/ or professional market evaluation through quantitative telephone or online data collection.

Market Size/Channel Research:

Develop dollar volume estimate by category, competitive market share by category, channel sources of supply by category, and brand performance by channel segment through quantitative telephone or online data collection.

Brand Extendibility Research:

Identify which products end-users, consumers or professionals, believe relate to current brand position, and identification of possible brand extendibility opportunities. Typically done through quantitative methodologies.

Brand Image Positioning Research:

Identify key drivers, both stated and derived, develop performance assessment by brand on key drivers, and derive brand imagery such as what brand stands for emotionally. This also involves customer satisfaction analysis.

Product Development Research:

Various phases of research that often involve qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Phases include: concept screening, concept testing, and price elasticity.

Communication Effectiveness Research:

Qualitative or quantitative research that includes brand advertising and positioning testing, media message testing, and package concept testing.

Key Account Management Research:

Also referred to as Category Management, this includes merchandising system testing and assortment testing.
The Farnsworth Group can help you understand your customer whether it’s a DIY consumer or Professional end-user. Their behaviors can provide critical insights to the success of your business.
Usage / Attitude Research
Usage and Attitude Research is used to understand questions such as where the end-user shops, how they shop, why they shop certain channels, and what drives purchases. Through quantitative methodologies we capture information on:
  • End-user profiling relative to key retail
  • Aided/unaided brand awareness
  • Current usage
  • Product used most often
  • Brands used most often
  • Stated and derived importance of attributes and product features
  • Shopping behavior
  • Outlets being shopped
  • Purchases
  • Key purchase drivers

Please contact us for additional information on how we can help you better understand your consumers.

Examples of output you will receive with Usage/Attitude Research:
Looking to expand to new categories or want to better understand your existing landscape? We can provide you with detailed sizing and distribution information that helps identify your opportunities.
Market Size / Channel Research
Understanding the existing market by dollar and share is essential to discovering opportunities and defining strategic direction. By studying end-users and channels, The Farnsworth Group can provide client’s with a complete market and distribution map related to their product categories. Elements of Usage/Attitude Research are involved in addition to:
  • Dollar value of market
  • Market share by brand
  • Sources of supply
  • Margin structures
  • Channel brand/product drivers
  • Channel profiles
  • Program requirements and standards

Please contact us for additional information on our approach to quantify the market for your product category(s).

Below is an example of one of many market and channel maps The Farnsworth Group provides its clients requesting Market Size/Channel Research.

Where else can your brand be a market leader? The Farnsworth Group can design custom research to indentify categories that will allow your brand to capitalize on its reputation and distribution.
Brand Extendibility Research
Our clients continue to grow their businesses regardless of the current market conditions. This can be done with new customers, new channels or taking their brand to new categories. Brand Extendibility Research looks at the strengths, perceptions and awareness of a brand to better understand potential opportunities that can be leveraged utilizing an existing brand.

Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, The Farnsworth Group will identify your organizations’ market opportunities. The result insight to the highest potential category opportunity. Please contact us for additional information on how we can help you uncover opportunities utilizing your brand.

How is your brand viewed? How important is brand? The Farnsworth Group can help you better understand consumer perceptions and identify areas of strength, competitive advantage and branding opportunities.
How is your brand viewed by consumers and/or professional end-users? What attributes must you deliver to your customers? What do you communicate to the market? How should you communicate to consumers?

Brand Image Positioning Research helps clients better understand attributes that are necessities, their competitive standing and consumer perceptions of their brand.

The Farnsworth Group will profile the market to identify opportunities, allowing executives to make key decisions on the best implementation plan. To create such plans, The Farnsworth Group utilizes several methods such as Best In Class Analysis, Stated vs. Derived Analysis and Market Matching Analysis.

For additional information on our approach and research techniques please contact us.

Product Development Research
The new product development and product refinement processes of The Farnsworth Group assist companies from idea generation to product launch - or at a specific place in between. A company’s specific goal and current situation dictate the overall project scope and level of information required in the process. Regardless of whether a company is introducing a product concept that is new to the world or whether they are refining a product that has existed for hundreds of years, each phase of product development requires information gathering and actions from three areas: Voice of the Customer (VOC), market input, and internal company processes.
Let us help you with any single phase or various phases of the product development and refinement process.
  • Identifying Needs
  • Concept Screening
  • Concept Testing
  • Product Testing
  • Product Launch Testing
VOC inputs assure the product development process remains focused on solving a market need. Even highly innovative or technologically advanced products will likely fail if they cannot fill a need in the market. Market input is required throughout the product development process to evaluate competitive strengths and weaknesses, identify market or channel opportunities and ensure adequate market opportunity. Internal information and planning requirements are integrated with the VOC and market information. This ensures concepts are on track with the corporate platform and are viable from a manufacturing standpoint. Product Development utilizes a variety of research methodologies and analytical tools.
Each phase will provide you with specific actionable information. This information from each of the three areas is integrated and analyzed at each stage gate review. The stage gate review is a critical step to validate concepts and products continually reflect voice of consumer and market input. Further, the review serves as the "go/no go" approval steps throughout the process. Whether your organization utilizes product development process from TQM, Six Sigma, QFD, DFSS or others, The Farnsworth Group has integrated best practices from a variety of process formats and through decades of product development research. Please contact us for additional information on how we can help you through each stage of product development.
Communication Effectiveness Research
What are you communicating to the market place and your customers?
What should you be communicating and how should you communicate that message?

Whether it’s a magazine advertisement, product package or marketing concept, The Farnsworth Group works with building material manufacturers to identify:

  • Current message perceptions
  • Required messaging
  • Effective messaging

Communication Effectiveness Research can be conducted through qualitative and quantitative feedback. Once the right data is collected, our team of analysts, project managers and Sr. Partners will provide the insight and answers you need to make the best tactical decision when communicating to your customers. Please contact us for additional information on our approach to help your organization understand the best communications tactics.

The Farnsworth Group works with building material manufacturers and a variety of retailers / distributors, so we understand dynamics of those relationships. Detailed market data with third party research from a firm that specializes in the industry enables our clients to have a productive dialog with their vendors.
Key Account Management Research
Key Account or Category Management Research is related to the need for a building manufacturer to work most effectively with their channel partners. Whether it’s a line review with an existing channel or the prospect of a new channel, we will work with you to improve your retail revenue.

The Farnsworth Group’s approach to improving channel satisfaction goes beyond traditional research and focuses on the creation of actionable programs that affect a manufacturer’s position within the channel. It is not enough to simply understand what channel partners want. A truly effective program isolates opportunities based on latent needs, current gaps in performance, developing trends, and more.

As a first step to The Farnsworth Group’s process, current channel partners and target channel partners are identified. Research is conducted to develop a clear picture of how the channels select vendors and the ongoing program requirements (service, marketing, sales, logistical, etc.) needed to service the account. These issues are prioritized to develop a clear understanding of the attributes that influence supplier selection. Simultaneously, information is developed to determine how suppliers are currently meeting the needs of the channel.

The information collected is analyzed to develop opportunities that will impact performance. Through market matching analysis, gap analysis and understanding latent attributes and needs, programs are developed to improve performance. Please contact us for additional information on how we can support you when working with various channel partners. Key outputs of this process are as follows:

  • Opportunities by specific retailers within a channel
  • Opportunities by region
  • Opportunities to displace key competitors
  • Opportunities to develop new products, programs and services
The Farnsworth Group has been helping home improvement retailers, building material dealers, and industry wholesalers/distributors improve their market performance for decades. Let us help you identify market opportunities through custom research and industry insight.
retailer / dealer services
Since being founded in 1989, The Farnsworth Group has been working directly with Home Improvement Retailers, Building Material and Lumber Dealers, and industry Wholesalers and Distributors. Through decades of custom research projects, we have found many retail based client needs center around four primary research services. These types of research activities can involve quantitative and/or qualitative methodologies and conducted among consumers and/or professional end-users. View additional information by clicking on each service or contacting us directly about your specific questions.

Each of these services include multiple phases:

  • Defining project scope, objectives, respondents, methodologies
  • Project design and set-up
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Reporting and presentation of findings, conclusions and recommendations.

We conduct custom research projects among a wide spectrum of home improvement and building material consumers. Working closely with our clients, we target the most applicable consumer segment based on the project objectives.

Involves trade area analysis, new store/outlet feasibility, relocation research, site evaluations, store/showroom expansion, market geography research.

Includes various research activities including customer satisfaction research, competitive audits, sales performance analysis, product assortment management, service optimization, advertising effectiveness, and market/brand image analysis.
Senior level insights and analysis. Areas often involved are acquisition due diligence, growth strategy development, customer recovery, retail consultation, store/facility assessment, and educations seminars for store staff/executives.

Involves customized research programs designed to assist retailers, dealers and wholesalers in the home improvement and building industry looking to outsource research services.
Market Development / Growth Research
Executives at every size of firm would like to grow their business. The Farnsworth Group can help home improvement, hardware and building material retailers, dealers and distributors grow their revenue through a variety of strategies. Through Market Development/Growth Research we can help you identify the best opportunities for growth. Please contact us directly to learn more about our ability to help your organization achieve growth.
  • Trade Area Analysis
  • New Store/Outlet Feasibility
  • Store/Outlet Relocation
  • Site Evaluations
  • Store/Showroom/Facilities Expansion Study
  • Market Geography Expansion Study

Area Analysis provides a complete analysis of the consumer demand and supply dynamics of a trading area, including: demographics, consumer market potential, competitive audits and future sales scenarios.

New Store/Outlet Feasibility Study examines the potential for a new store/outlet at a designated site(s) within a specific trade area. It includes survey research, (consumer, pro or both) to understand customer attitudes and shopping behavior. It also includes site area and site specific evaluations, as well as all the components of a Trade Area Analysis.

A Store/Outlet Relocation Study assesses the opportunities associated with relocating a store/outlet. It can include evaluations of single or multiple site locations. It can include all the components of a New Store Feasibility Study or the Trade Area Analysis.

Site Evaluations provide a professional, unbiased assessment of sites under consideration for new or relocated operations. Sites are evaluated for their relative worth as a hardware or home improvement building supply products location.

A Store/Showroom/Facilities Expansion Study assesses the opportunities associated with expanding operations in a specific trade area. It can include survey research, demographics analysis and market potential development, site evaluations, sales performance analysis, and more.

A Market Geography Expansion Study provides an evaluation of specified geography in order to identify individual trading areas and gauge/compare their potential viability. A Market Expansion Study can incorporate a number of market research disciplines depending on the level of sophistication required needed.

Performance Support & Improvement Research
What do your customers think of your store, service and product assortment?
How do you rate against your competition? What services do your customers require?

These are common questions many retailers and dealers have, and The Farnsworth Group has been capturing data to provide clients with answers for over 20 years. Let us help you define the methodology and audience to provide you with insight to improve your performance when it comes to your customer’s experience. Several aspects to take in to account include:

  • Customer Satisfaction Research
  • Competitive Audits
  • Sales Performance Analysis
  • Product Assortment
  • Service Optimization
  • Advertising Optimization
  • Market Image Analysis

If you would like information that can help your organization exceed your customer’s expectations please contact us.

Customer Satisfaction Research allows companies to monitor how well they are delivering satisfaction to their customers. Conducted routinely, this study can measure customer satisfaction improvement or declines as well as provide feedback on tactical customer initiatives.

Competitive Audits provide detailed, professional evaluations of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, including: merchandise assortment, merchandising, site location, facilities, size, signage, layout, customer service, etc. This research involves various types of analysis and will incorporate data from on-site visits.

Sales Performance Analysis provides an objective, third party analysis of sales trends with insights and comparisons to current industry norms.

Product Assortment (Department/Category) Management offers a comprehensive approach to evaluating category opportunities. It involves in-aisle, department/ category specific customer feedback, customer shopping observation and sales and financial performance analysis.

Service Optimization provides a comprehensive analysis of the service needs of your customers and market. It allows for a better understanding of the service balance between self service and engaged service that is necessary to optimize your service offering. It also provides an assessment of how well one is meeting the service needs most important in the market, including: engagement, navigation, information and education.

Advertising Optimization provides an analysis of the advertising and communication structure of your market(s). It determines the level of advertising usage, the types of media used and the key "attention" factors for ads. It can explore the benefits of customer loyalty programs, special events and more. An evaluation of company advertising awareness and message recall is included.

Market (Brand) Image Analysis provides a snapshot of how your company is perceived in the marketplace. It establishes the most important image elements in the market. It identifies the strength components of your market image that can be leveraged and the weaknesses that need to be addressed.

Advisory / Consultation
How would you and your team like to have access to decades of home improvement, hardware and lumber retail knowledge at your disposal? What would you ask if you had such a resource for 10 hours or 10 days? Our Sr. Partnership is that resource. With over 100 years of combined industry experience, our management staff will utilize over a century of learning to consult with your organization on a variety of business critical issues such as:
  • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Growth Strategy
  • Customer Recovery
  • Retail Consultation
  • Facility/Store Assessment
  • Educational Seminars

To learn more about consulting services we can offer your organization please contact us.

Acquisition Due Diligence provides outside, market information based analysis of acquisition candidates and their markets for more informed evaluations and decisions. It safeguards against hidden market surprises.

Growth Strategy Development is a strategy development process that identifies growth alternatives and can single out an optimal growth strategy for your company. It involves exploring the competencies of your firm and the market opportunities your market(s) might provide. This custom/tailored project can include any number of market research methods. It is often used to validate growth strategy assumptions.

Customer Recovery investigates the causes for lost customers and identifies recovery strategy components.

Retail Consultation provides an executive briefing/individual consultation on industry conditions and significant trends and directional issues as they may impact the hardware, home improvement and building supply industry and retailing.

Facilities/Store Assessment is an on-site evaluation of your current operations by an industry professional. The evaluation critiques facilities conditions, merchandising, sales floor/showroom layout, signage, site conditions, yard format and conditions, etc.

Educational Seminars on timely industry topics or client specific issues can be provided to executive management, mid management, or other groups. The Farnsworth Group routinely conducts seminars for industry events and wholesalers markets.

Partnership Programs
We understand many organizations keep a lean and efficient staff to maximize profits. However, that does not mean your company has to sacrifice market research and analysis vital to your success. The Farnsworth Group serves as an external research department for many building material retailers and dealers. Let us conduct the research projects while you focus on implementing the strategies the research yields.

Through our Partnership Programs, we will customize research programs based on your needs and requests. The Farnsworth Group from start to finish will execute these tailored programs. If you are looking for an outsource solution to your market research questions, we can help. Contact us to discuss your market questions and our research-based solutions.

Whether online, over the phone or in person, utilize or research expertise and construction industry experience to execute your data collection needs.
Data Collection Services
Do you have a research staff or in-house resources that can define your research plan or design your surveys? Many of our clients have developed their own methodology, designed questionnaires, and have internal analysis capabilities. For this reason, we offer basic data collection services to help building material manufacturers and home improvement retailers capture information they need. The Farnsworth Group owns and operates two data collection services in order to ensure our clients receive the best respondent targeting and high quality data among Consumers, Do-It-Yourself consumers and Professional End-Users. Data collection methods offered, but are not limited to:
  • Online data collection
  • Telephone data collection
  • Focus Groups
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • In-Store Intercepts

Want to learn more about our data collection services, pricing and deliverables? Please contact us.

The Farnsworth Group owns and operates Specpan, which is a B2B data collection service for the home improvement and construction industry. Specpan has an online panel of over 18,000 targeted construction professionals such as Home Builders, Remodelers, General Contractors and Architects.

We can provide you with just a sample of our targeted contractors, and will program/host your survey online, provide real-time reporting, and field surveys within days. If needed, we can also perform basic data tabulations and analysis.

View demographics on some of our larger online panel segments:
Remodelers and General Contractors
Home Builders

To learn more about Specpan visit: Specpan.com

Telephone Data Collection
(CATI - Computer Aided Telephone Interview)
The Farnsworth Group also owns and operates Stone Research Services, which is a research call center that serves the home improvement, building materials, hardware, education, government, medical and restaurant industries.

Through our call center we provide you with complete telephone fielding services. We can also provide sample, survey programming, data collection, analysis and data delivery. With an interviewer to supervisor ratio of 6:1, our call center interviewers are thoroughly trained and experienced in the building and home improvement industry. We understand how to get contractors to respond and when it’s important to dig deeper on specific topics.

To learn more about Stone Research Services visit:

  • Building material and hardware retailer focus
  • Over 100 years of combined industry experience
  • Third party conclusions and recommendations
  • Uses data you have already collected
Construction Industry Expertise
The Farnsworth Group has a unique market research focus. We study the building material, hardware and home improvement industries. Through decades of custom and public research projects among DIYers and Professional end-users, we have amassed a collection of data points and benchmarks that provide our clients with unmatched construction industry knowledge. You can leverage this knowledge without having to use our research expertise.

Many of our clients have internal research teams or utilize research vendors to execute data collection and analysis. The Farnsworth Group is then hired as a third party, unbiased industry expert to provide further analysis and insight to information your team has gathered. This consultative service can be structured on an hourly or daily rate plan.

You will have full access to our Sr. Partners and support staff that, combined, have over 100 years of construction and home improvement industry research experience. Whether it’s data analysis, a formal report of our findings, or an in-person presentation of our recommendations, your firm will benefit from the insights of the industry’s premier market research firm.

To learn more about our consultative services please contact us.

[Some of our clients]
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about us
The Farnsworth Group is the premier market research and strategy-consulting firm serving manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, dealers and distributors of hardware, home improvement, construction and building material industries. With over 100 years of combined industry experience, we work with our clients to collect data, perform analysis and provide insights that will drive growth and strategic direction. Our full-service research approach utilizes external market information, our clients’ internal business parameters, and strategy development to design a custom research project that meets our clients’ needs.

Whether you are a hardware retailer looking to grow or a building material manufacturer determining the best product, The Farnsworth Group will work with you to design the best custom research solution to identify your market opportunities among DIY consumers, Professional end-users or channel partners.

The information we provide our clients is generated through a unique combination of home improvement and construction industry expertise and research experience. This combination allows us to provide superior recommendations and results.

Industry Focus

The Farnsworth Group provides a high level of competency within the construction, home improvement, building materials, retail and distribution industries. The Farnsworth Group leadership has over 100 years of combined experience studying this industry. We have served hundreds of construction industry clients including: building associations, Fortune 100 companies and local independent firms.

Project Experience

Our wealth of building and remodeling industry knowledge is integrated into the results of each research project. Our history of industry-related project work allows us to provide the best approach, research methodology and industry benchmarks needed to address various objectives. The findings of your project are compared to our database of relevant work-making strategy recommendations even more powerful and actionable.

Research Expertise

Data collection is at the core of our research services. By owning and operating online and telephone data collection services we are able to ensure high quality information is captured for your custom research projects. This quality control provides clients with accurate data needed to make informed strategic decisions.
The Farnsworth Group works with a number of building material manufacturers, home improvement and hardware retailers, building and construction product distributors, dealers and wholesalers. Since 1989 we have worked with over 100 industry companies and amassed benchmarks in nearly every building product category-from faucets to windows to independent hardware stores to national retailers. No matter the category, The Farnsworth Group understands our clients’ relationship with the market place.

Retail Clients (Partial List)
(Please contact us for a complete list of retail clients.)
Ace Hardware CorporationAll American Home Center
Blain’s Farm and FleetDo-it Best Corp.
Jerry’s Home Improvement CentersOrgill
ProBuildRocky’s Ace Hardware
RONASullivan Hardware
Target CorporationWhite's Ace Hardware
Manufacturers (Partial List)
(Please contact us for a complete list of manufacturers.)
Anderson Window Behr Process Company
Delta Faucet Company Elmer's Products, Inc.
Graco ITW Brands
Johns Manville Corporation Kohler
Marvin Window Paslode
Toro Velux America, Inc.
Industry Organizations/Trade Associations
Home Improvement Research Institute National Paint and Coating Association
Institute for International Research National Retail Hardware Association
Joint Ctr. for Housing, Remodeling Futures Russell R. Mueller Retail Hardware RSCH. FDN.
National Home Furnishings Association Women in the Hardware Industry
Trade Publications
DIY Retailing Magazine ProSales
Builder Magazine Qualified Remodeler Magazine
MutilFamily Executive Magazine Remodeling Magazine
PRO Magazine Residential Architect Magazine
Client Success Story
>ITW Brands, Chicago, IL
Questions: ITW Brands needed information from decorative hook users for product development and packaging refinements to gain retail channel support and increase category revenue.

Insight: The Farnsworth Group, with use of its proprietary B2B data collection service Specpan, assisted with questionnaire development and online data collection from DIY and Professional end-users.

Answers: The Farnsworth Group provide ITW Brands with a repot and summary of findings which guided their product enhancements resulting in a new line of decorative hooks. ITW Brands is gaining category share and increasing revenue through big box distribution.

>Graco, Minneapolis, MN
Questions: Graco, a leader in fluid handling systems, needed to understand consumer paint usage and attitudes as well as product requirements for a new entry level DIY paint sprayer to be distributed through home centers.

Insight: The Farnsworth Group, conducted quantitative and qualitative research to define: consumer segments, usage/attitude patterns, brand perceptions, pricing elasticity and market opportunities among DIYers.

Answers: The Farnsworth Group provided Graco with several reports and presented market opportunities among DIYers. The Farnsworth Group also defined which product features and enhancements would yield a successful launch, and optimal price points for various levels of consumer-based paint sprayers.

>Tree Island Industries, Ltd., Los Angeles, CA
Questions: Tree Island Industries, an international manufacturer of commercial and residential wire products, wanted to understand the existing U.S. and Canadian market size and distribution of specific fasteners, as well as channel behaviors/attitudes to understand potential market opportunities.

Insight: The Farnsworth Group, conducted quantitative research among various channels and suppliers to understand: sales volume, channel segments, usage/attitude patterns, supplier brand perceptions, channel pricing expectations, and market opportunities among professional end-users

Answers: Through proper research design, and understanding what and how supplier information needed to be captured, The Farnsworth Group provided Tree Island with detailed market/channel maps that identified the current revenue stream for specific fasteners from manufacturer to end-user, which was essential for Tree Island to make long-term strategic decisions.

Client Success Story: Graco, Minneapolis, MN
> Clients
> ITW Brands
> Tree Island Industries, Ltd.


Founded in 1926, Graco is a worldwide leader in fluid handling systems and components. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Graco products move, measure, control, dispense and apply a wide range of fluids and viscous materials used in vehicle lubrication, commercial and industrial settings.

To maintain their leadership position in the industry, Graco utilizes research at all stages of product development. In the Winter of 2008 Graco approached The Farnsworth Group to begin the process to research and assist with the development of a consumer based paint sprayer. This was extensive research over that was conducted over a 12 month period. Questions Graco wanted answered included: - How are paint sprayers used and perceived among DIYers? - What are the purchase drivers of paint sprayers? - What role and perceptions does brand play? - What are the acceptable price ranges and revenue opportunities for consumer sprayers? - What product features and enhancements are necessary? - What is the best way to communicate with consumers?


The Farnsworth Group was able to utilize their in-house analysis and expertise, as well as third party quantitative and qualitative resources to provide a full service research solution. The first phase was a quantitative online study among over 1200 Do-It-Yourself homeowners in the U.S. The Farnsworth Group designed a questionnaire that provided data to segment consumers in to four groups. Analysis was then conducted by looking at each consumer segment to better understand their usage/perceptions towards power painting equipment, shopping behaviors, brand perceptions and pricing expectations.

Once the quantitative data was analyzed and presented, Graco developed product prototypes aimed to capitalize on indentified opportunities. The Farnsworth Group then conducted several focus groups among various consumer segments. This qualitative research simulated a store shopping experience, compared various products currently in the market place, evaluated product features and attributes, addressed communication preferences and reviewed pricing expectations. These focus groups resulted in a refined product that met consumer expectations for a price that met Graco’s margin requirements.


Necessary data was captured due to a properly designed questionnaire. The Farnsworth Group’s data analysis and industry expertise was then able to provide Graco with reliable information on the potential revenue of a new product and the consumer profiles of the target market. Once Graco understand the market size and structure they were confident in proceeding with the development of prototypes.

The Farnsworth Group conducted focus groups throughout various product development phases that helped Graco refine their products to maximize margins and consumer satisfaction. The end result was a product design that met DIYer expectations, offered features not available in the current market place at an accetable price point, and all of this was communicated with effective packaging.

Today, Graco has national distribution of its new product line throughout Lowe’s and Home Depot, and has increased their presence and revenue among Do-It-Yourself consumers.

To learn more about Graco visit Graco.com

Client Success Story: ITW Brands, Chicago, IL
> Clients
> Graco
> Tree Island Industries, Ltd.


ITW Brands was formed in 1992 as a decentralized business unit of Illinois Tool Works Inc. (NYSE: ITW). Based outside of Chicago, Illinois, ITW Brands was created to meet the growing demand from consumers and remodeling contractors for high-quality home improvement and do-it-yourself construction products. ITW Brands’ products are used and trusted by industry professionals and carried throughout a variety of channels. ITW Brands’ top-quality tools and fasteners include: Tapcon, E-Z Anchor, Red Head, Ramset, Teck, Rock-On, Backer-On, Tornado and Racor.

ITW Brands relies on market research to guide their product development and merchandising efforts. In the Fall of 2009 ITW Brands approached The Farnsworth Group because they wanted to capture information from professionals and Do-It-Yourself homeowners regarding decorative hooks. They wanted data that would answer several questions:

  • What are the purchase drivers of decorative hooks?
  • What is the most important factor when purchasing decorative hooks?
  • How are consumer using decorative hooks?
  • What are the like/dislikes of decorative hooks currently available in the market?


The Farnsworth Group was able to utilize their in-house analysis and data collection resources to provide a full service research solutions. The Farnsworth Group first consulted with ITW Brands on a questionnaire draft they provided to ensure it would yield information needed to answer their questions. Clients often utilize The Farnsworth Group’s industry knowledge in order to refine how, where and what questions should be asked. Second, The Farnsworth Group used its internal B2B data collection service, Specpan, to program and host ITW Brands’ survey online.

Next, through their proprietary online B2B panel, Specpan, The Farnsworth Group accessed 150 targeted Residential Remodeler and General Contractors. They also utilized third party alliances to collect an additional 500 responses from Do-It-Yourself homeowners of various ages and experience levels. Programming and data collection was completed within two weeks.


Once fielding was complete the final step was data analysis and reporting. The Farnsworth Group and Specpan coded all open-end responses, tabulated the data using several banners and provided ITW Brands with a summary report. This report included respondent profiles, graphed results segmented by end-user type and a summary of findings based on data analysis.

By understanding usage habits, key purchase drivers, and unmet needs ITW Brands made product feature enhancements and improved package communication. ITW Brands has recently launched its new line of decorative hooks throughout big box retailers in the United States. They are quickly gaining consumer approval and market share due to the features that address consumer and professional needs, which were uncovered through The Farnsworth Group’s research.

To learn more about ITW Brands visit ITWBrands.com

Client Success Story:
Tree Island Industries, Ltd., Los Angeles, CA
> Clients
> Graco
> ITW Brands


Tree Island Industries produces wire products for a diverse range of construction, agricultural, manufacturing and industrial applications. Its products include bright wire, stainless steel wire and galvanized wire; a broad array of fasteners, including packaged, collaged and bulk nails; stucco reinforcing products, engineered structural mesh, fencing and other fabricated wire products.

Tree Island has a dominant share in Western Canada, but new competitors are beginning to emerge. Tree Island has less presence in the U.S. due to their distribution and company strategies. In order to maintain their Canadian presence and increase their U.S. share they needed to understand:

  • What is the customer mix by channel?
  • What volume goes through each distribution step?
  • How do suppliers view brand, and imported products?
  • What must they deliver to their channel partners?
  • What are key purchasing drivers?
  • What is the revenue at each step of distribution across DIYers and Professional by product type?


Given the nature of the product, and The Farnsworth Group’s experience in researching commodity-based goods, the best method to capture reliable data was to field a quantitative study among five key channels. Quantitative research would also provide the sample sizes needed to properly define the market size and channel distribution of specific products Tree Island produces. All interviews were conducted via The Farnsworth Group’s call center, which regularly contacts building material suppliers, construction professionals and hardware consumers. A study was designed to quantify the answers Tree Island needed, while providing numerical data, which allowed for proper analysis on market and channel structure.


The Farnsworth Group was able to analyze the data captured from hundreds of respondents across the U.S. and Canada in order to answer all of Tree Island’s questions. The most important section of the report presented to Tree Island executives was a detailed map of each product that displayed product flow-through by volume from manufacturing to end-user. The Farnsworth Group was able to identify those areas of opportunity to grow Tree Island’s revenue, whether it was targeting a customer segment or partnering with a specific channel.

Tree Island also gained an understanding of the behaviors and attitudes of their suppliers. This identified areas of competitive advantage for Tree Island, their competitor’s strengths, and areas the marketplace does not perceive to be a high priority.

The data and report provided by The Farnsworth Group is a key element used by Tree Island to make long-range strategic decisions on the direction of their organization.

To learn more about Tree Island visit TreeIsland.com.

staff pic

Brad Farnsworth - President, CEO

Before founding The Farnsworth Group, Brad served as Vice President of Marketing and Director of Research for the National Retail Hardware Association. While at NRHA, he was instrumental in the establishment of the Do-It-Yourself Research Institute (now the Home Improvement Research Institute) and subsequently was selected to serve as the Institute’s Executive Director. Brad held a Vice President’s position with Management Horizons, the marketing research and consulting division of Price Waterhouse Coopers. His expertise includes partnership planning, store positioning, market segmentation analysis, and hybrid market concept development. His list of over 200 clients includes several industry trade groups, regional firms and Fortune 500 companies. Brad is often found in his office or conference room with pages and pages of data spread across the table mining all of it until he clearly sees the most useful findings for the client. Brad holds a Bachelor of Science and MBA degrees in marketing and finance from the University of Oklahoma.
staff pic

Jim Robisch - Sr. Partner, Retail Services

Jim served for over 12 years with the National Retail Hardware Association and Home Center Institute where he held a number of positions including director of research services and director of retail marketing. He also served as executive director of the Do-It-Yourself Research Institute (now the Home Improvement Research Institute). Jim has also served as Vice President of Group Services International, an international marketing and consulting company. He has consulted over 400 individual retail and wholesale firms throughout the world, including 30 of the top 100 home center chains, wholesalers and co-ops. He has evaluated over 500 trade areas and assessed over 10,000 retail stores. Jim directs all retail and wholesale service activities for The Farnsworth Group. He has one of the largest networks of colleagues when it comes to the retailers, dealers and distributors. If you do not know Jim, chances are your associate does. Jim holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration and finance and his MBA from Butler University.
staff pic

Grant Gries - V.P. of Operations

Grant has focused on project management initiatives for The Farnsworth Group for over 10 years, and has experience working closely with industry retailers and manufacturers. Grant's experience include retail store audits, demographic, mapping and site study analysis, as well as brand positioning and customer satisfaction research. He is applying his knowledge to manage and develop our analytical sciences team and project procedures. Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a minor in Management Information Systems from Purdue University.
staff pic

Grant Farnsworth - Director, Business Development and
Client Services

Prior to The Farnsworth Group, Grant was a retail consultant and developed more than 100 national clients. Since joining The Farnsworth Group, Grant has managed qualitative and quantitative research projects for a variety of manufacturing and retail customers. He has also been involved with marketing, branding, product development and client services. In 2002 Grant founded Specpan, a B2B data collection service offered by The Farnsworth Group. Grant continues to refine his skills in research methodology, data analysis and business development through efforts with Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing, working with industry organizations, and defining research projects for building material manufacturers and research companies. As a long time drummer, Grant still practices music. His creative soul is an often-utilized resource in the company. Grant holds a Bachelor’s degree in General Studies from Indiana University with a concentration in Business and Management.
staff pic

Lorraine Lovig - Call Center Director

After moving from Chicago where she was involved with insurance for a telecommunications firm, Lorraine worked as the staff supervisor at the Indiana University Center for Survey Research. During her seven years at Indiana University she was in charge of all call center staffing and operations. Since joining The Farnsworth Group, Lorraine is now the director of our call center located in Bloomington, Indiana. She is responsible for all project and interviewing operations in the call center including management training, staff recruitment and systems management. Lorraine stays connected to her research roots by periodically putting on a headset and conducting a CATI interview or visiting stores to better familiarize her with our clients. Lorraine holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Cincinnati.
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