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For over 30 years manufacturers and suppliers in the building products, home improvement, and lawn & garden industries have trusted The Farnsworth Group to gain deep insights in their customers’ behaviors, their go to market strategy opportunities/risks, and their overall market presence.

You get much more than data. Our proven approach blends market intelligence consulting with primary market research to deliver actionable insights and grounded recommendations impacting your marketing & sales teams, brand teams, channel teams, and product teams. You get customized research built around your needs with proprietary results that off-the-shelf approaches could never produce.

For the past four decades, our researchers have exclusively served the building, home improvement, and lawn & ranch industries. We understand the nuances of this market and your various customer types, so you can trust that our insights and recommendations take into account the complex variables that impact your end to end go to market situation.


Grant Farnsworth, President of The Farnsworth Group
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Grant Farnsworth


Grant has worked on every area of market research at some point – coding paper surveys, running tabs, programming surveys online, getting sample, managing fielding, generating reports and preparing analysis and presentations. Grant has been working with The Farnsworth Group since he was a teenager, learning the craft of custom market research and how to uphold the highest of standards in research design and data collection.  

For the past 20 years, Grant has been involved with various associations, trade shows, committees, publishers, manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers in the home improvement, lawn & ranch, and building products spaces. For Grant, one of the most satisfying feelings is to know they helped a client to succeed when he sees the results of The Farnsworth Group work on store shelves, on new homes, and in the homes of friends and family.  Based in Denver, Grant is a music buff who believes that life should be fun. In all his pursuits, Grant’s sincerest appreciation goes out to his wife – the most kind and patient person on earth.

Brad Farnsworth, Founder and Senior Consultant of The Farnsworth Group

Brad Farnsworth

Senior Consultant

Brad is well-known throughout the home improvement and building sector, where he’s been helping manufacturers and retailers turn trends to their advantage for over 35 years. Brad excels at supporting client strategies through uncovering unique insights from our custom research.

Grant Gries, Vice President of Operations at The Farnsworth Group

Grant Gries

Vice President of Operations

Grant G. is the glue that holds our research team together. He joined the firm in 2002 and currently serves as the VP of Operations. Prior to joining The Farnsworth Group, Grant G. was a Retail Associate at Lowe’s, specifically in the plumbing and HVAC departments and is now glad to work more directly with hundreds of manufacturers and retailers in the home improvement space to improve the products that are stocked on shelves. Grant G. brings with him decades of experience in proper survey design, methodologies for recruiting real Pros and DIYers successfully, and deployment of rigorous analytical tools to provide solid answers to our client’s toughest questions. Based in Indianapolis, Grant G. is husband to Sarah and father of two girls who (thankfully!) all love sports. For better or worse, Grant is a Purdue Boilermaker and follow their basketball and football teams. Boiler up!

Dave King, Vice President of Insights at The Farnsworth Group and Executive Director of HIRI

Dave King

Vice President of Insights

Dave has spent the past twenty years in the strat­e­gy, research and advanced ana­lyt­ics space, namely advanced quantitative analysis. Nine of those years were focused direct­ly in the home improve­ment space as VP of Strat­e­gy, Research & Ana­lyt­ics for Ener­Bank USA (now Regions Bank), a home improve­ment lender. Since he can remember, Dave has been fascinated by the study of behavioral economics and all things housing related. In his role as VP of Insights for The Farnsworth Group, Dave is serving as the Executive Director overseeing HIRI. Dave is proud to be married to Stephanie and raise his son Aiden, who is 7, and his daughter Addison, who is 5. Based in Salt Lake City, you’ll find Dave embracing the outdoors, trail running, skiing, and adventure motorcycling.

Taylor Pence, Director of Quantitative Research

Taylor Pence

Director of Quantitative Research

Taylor has been serving clients and managing quantitative market research studies with The Farnsworth Group since 2015. Taylor also leads internal team development and training efforts to ensure the research team at The Farnsworth Group is current on best practices and equipped to deliver on high standards.

Taylor’s interest in the home improvement space began when he was about 10 years old upon discovery of ‘This Old House’ and Norm Abram’s ‘ New Yankey Workshop.’ Fast-forward a couple of decades and he still enjoys these sources of inspiration while tackling the perils of DIY in his own workshop. Taylor is proud husband to Lauren, and father to three awesome kids. Whenever possible, Taylor shares his hobbies with his kids, including playing music, tennis, golf, going fishing or putting his hands to a new project in the shop.

Dawn McElfresh, Director of Qualitative Research at The Farnsworth Group

Dawn McElfresh

Director of Qualitative Research

Dawn has served as the Director of Qualitative Research at The Farnsworth Group since 2018. For over a decade prior, Dawn held roles on the manufacturer side with roles in product management, channel and brand development within building products (Armstrong Flooring) and consumer products (Newell Brands). Dawn holds a Certificate of Proficiency in Qualitative Research When she’s not following building design trends, Dawn is an avid gardener and hiker based in the Denver area, and cherishes spending time with her daughter and red heeler pup.

Adam Mowrey, Senior Account Manager at The Farnsworth Group
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Adam Mowrey

Senior Account Manager

Since 2018, Adam has brought over two decades of professional experience to the table for The Farnsworth Group’s clients gained within various facets of the building products industry from his roles at Dodge, Hanley Wood, Metrostudy, HomeSphere, and other building product focused agencies.

Adam’s roots in the industry run deep, as his family is involved across the channel as home builders, contractors, brick and tile dealers, glazers, and commercial product manufacturers. In the past 10+ years, Adam has focused on guiding manufacturers and dealers through research assessments to ensure they will get the answers and single source of truth necessary to make the right product, marketing, and sales decisions. Adam is a proud husband and father to his wife and 3 kids and is based in Pittsburgh, PA. When not advising clients, you can find Adam working on his latest DIY project or deep in the mountains in PA or CO.

Amy Theophilus, Project Director at The Farnsworth Group

Amy Theophilus

Senior Project Director

Amy has been focusing on client and project management initiatives for The Farnsworth Group since 2007.  She has over twenty years of research and marketing experience within the building products and home improvement industry. Her areas of expertise include customer usage and behavior research, brand health, and a focus on supplier-side insights. Amy previously served as the research director for an Indianapolis based home builder.   She has worked on a broad range of qualitative and quantitative projects with both consumer and professional segments. Her passion for market research stems from working with clients to solve problems and that each project brings unique situations. Amy has a bachelor of Science in Business Management with specializations in Marketing and Psychology from Purdue University. Based in Indianapolis, Amy enjoys spending quality time with her family, exploring new places through travel, and cheering on her kids in their various activities.

Cy Gourlay, Project Director at The Farnsworth Group

Cy Gourlay

Senior Project Director

Cy has been a Project Director for clients’ custom market research projects since 2018. Prior to joining The Farnsworth Group, Cy collaborated on the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) program for the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Based in the Denver area, Cy enjoys to play soccer, hike, ski, and attend live music events. Cy is also currently pursuing his M.B.A with a focus in Business Analytics from the University of Colorado - Denver.

Bonnie Hoy, Project Director at The Farnsworth Group

Bonnie Hoy

Senior Project Director

Bonnie joined The Farnsworth Group in 2022 to bring her experience with qualitative and quantitative market research studies. Since embarking in the market research field in 2014, Bonnie has done a little bit of everything, from programming surveys and fielding projects, to sending survey invites, cleaning and analyzing data, and beyond.

Bonnie grew up in a home where her mom was an avid DIYer, so every summer Bonnie would assist with at least one major home improvement or lawn and garden project. Bonnie is an active runner and traveler who loves to read. Bonnie’s latest learning challenge is how to be a parent to her baby boy, Alex!

Robin Graziano

Senior Project Director

Robin has nearly a decade of experience advising organizations on how emerging industry, economic, and geopolitical trends will impact their business. Throughout her research projects and day-to-day, Robin is always thinking about the consumer perspective and how organizations can better communicate with their audiences. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, CNBC, POLITICO, the Wall Street Journal, and more.

Prior to joining the Farnsworth Group, she served as the Managing Director of Content Research at Morning Consult. In this role she built and oversaw a team of researchers who conducted the company's public facing research and analysis.

Based in Denver, she spends her weekends biking, cooking, and playing with her two cats Monza and Bluebell.

Kimber Kreilein

Senior Project Director

Kimber has been serving clients of The Farnsworth Group since 2015 and finds joy digging into the nuances of various buyer personas in the home improvement space. When it comes to both market research and home improvement, Kimber is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Being a homeowner for 25 years, Kimber has completed various DIY projects and hired contractors for DIFM projects. Kimber is a wife and mom to two wonderful kids, two cats, and one crazy Australian Shepherd. Based in Indianapolis, you’re likely to find Kimber nose-deep into a good book. Oh, and Go Hoosiers!

Jason Anderson, Online Fieldwork Manager, Survey Setup

Jason Anderson

Fieldwork Manager, Survey Setup

Jason has been serving clients with The Farnsworth Group since 2001 in various positions, but Jason’s passion is collecting and working with the data, especially when navigating the nuances of the manufacturing and channel distribution elements of the building products industry.

Based in Indianapolis, Jason is proud father to a daughter and is on a mission to run a marathon in every state. Next time you chat with Jason, be sure to ask him about his cactus and succulent collection.

Jeff Shull

Online Fieldwork Manager, Survey Setup

Jeff brings two decades of experience in the home improvement and building products industry to his role managing all B2B data collection efforts and developing programming solutions to yield accurate answers to complex client questions. Based in Indianapolis, Jeff is the master of programming, data analysis, and data tabulations here at The Farnsworth Group. When he’s not programming studies for fielding, you will likely find Jeff tackling a new woodworking or woodturning project.

Erica Farnsworth, Project Director at The Farnsworth Group

Erica Farnsworth

Data Analyst, Tabulations

Erica has been serving clients during custom market research projects since 2012. Prior to joining The Farnsworth Group, Erica worked in data analysis for United Health Group. Based in the Southern California area, Erica is an avid DIY-er who loves learning about new and innovative products. She enjoys acting, music, and spending time with her family.

Carrie Salsman, Data Analyst and Tabulations Specialist at The Farnsworth Group

Carrie Salsman

Data Analyst, Tabulations

Carrie has been serving in various roles in the market research field for over 20 years. She gained experience in the agriculture industry and then healthcare, before now serving in the home improvement industry. Above all else, Carrie’s family is the pride of her life, including her latest rescued pup.

Danielle Fauteaux

Danielle Fauteaux

Head of Marketing

Danielle has been aiding in the marketing and communications efforts of The Farnsworth Group since 2021. Her familiarity with the Home Improvement Industry began with her service as a Marketing Strategist for Home Builders and Remodelers; she has continued in work at various other marketing agencies serving additional stakeholders like building product manufacturers and distributors in the building products space. A DIYer herself, much of Danielle's time is spent with her husband on home improvement projects and gardening. Danielle is also a roller coaster enthusiast and enjoys the thrill of a hyper-coaster and good 'ol family coaster alike.

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