Market Research and Intelligence Consultants

For over 30 years manufacturers and suppliers in the building products, home improvement, and lawn & garden industries have trusted The Farnsworth Group to gain deep insights in their customers’ behaviors, their go to market strategy opportunities/risks, and their overall market presence.

You get much more than data. Our proven approach blends market intelligence consulting with primary market research to deliver actionable insights and grounded recommendations impacting your marketing & sales teams, brand teams, channel teams, and product teams. You get customized research built around your needs with proprietary results that off-the-shelf approaches could never produce.

Because our team works exclusively in the building, home improvement, and lawn & ranch industries, you can trust that our insights and recommendations take into account the complex variables that impact your end to end go to market situation.

Meet the Team

Grant Farnsworth - President

For over 15 years, Grant has helped bring our company’s industry knowledge and custom research to a wider array of clients across the industries we serve. He’s often seen presenting at industry events and forums discussing customer, brand, channel and market behaviors impacting the industry.

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Brad Farnsworth - Sr. Partner

Brad  is well-known throughout the home improvement and building sector, where he’s been helping manufacturers and retailers turn trends to their advantage for over 35 years. Brad excels at supporting client strategies through uncovering unique insights from our custom research.

Grant Gries - VP of Operations

Grant has worked with leading manufacturers and suppliers on project design, execution and analysis. He coordinates internal and external resources to ensure the right resources are allocated to each custom research project.

Dawn McElfresh - Director of Qualitative Research

Dawn brings with her over 10 years of building product manufacturer working expertise, having served positions in product development, branding and marketing. Dawn is a certified moderator and continues to be a vital resource for qualitative research as it relates to product concepts, customer discovery and behavioral insights.

Taylor Pence - director of quantitative research

Taylor provides analytics and insight across DIY and Contractor research utilizing various methodologies to address even the most complex client needs. He ensures our team is current on analytical and reporting tools that enable our clients to utilize research results throughout their organization.

Adam Mowrey - Sr. Business Development Manager

Adam works in depth with our clients in the building, home improvement, and lawn & ranch industries to ensure their questions are addressed through our custom research approach. Adam has nearly 20 years of building products service expertise by helped manufacturers build Consumer and Trade strategy.

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Andrew Ryan- Director of Business Development

Andrew has 12 years of sales, marketing and distribution experience within the building materials and home improvement industry. Prior to joining The Farnsworth Group, Andrew was the Director of Sales for the Building Materials division of a $2.4 billion building materials distribution company. He has worked on and with reputable brands such as The Home Depot, Lowe’s, GAF, Owens Corning, Grip-Rite and Rockwool, honing his expertise in brand development, merchandising, and overall content strategy.

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