We Combine Industry Knowledge With Research Expertise.


For 30 years, The Farnsworth Group has accrued specialized industry knowledge while perfecting tools for custom market research. This intersection in expertise lets us deliver solid, inventive solutions that make all the difference in finding answers to even the toughest of questions and improving your performance.


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In addition, we take the time to understand your particular needs. As a result, we can create unique research designs and deliver proprietary results that off-the-shelf approaches could never produce.

Working with clients in the home and building, lawn and garden, and agriculture industries, we serve manufacturers, retailers and distributors — giving us a comprehensive understanding of each industry end to end. We also know the complex variables, including market climate and category forces, that challenge you every day. Our research always takes the bigger picture into account.


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President and CEO, Brad Farnsworth is well-known throughout the home and building sector, where he’s been helping manufacturers and retailers turn trends to their advantage for 35 years.

Jim Robisch has specialized in giving retailers the advantage of custom research for 35 years. His expertise spans national, regional and independent retail, wholesale and distribution channels.

For 15 years, business development director Grant Farnsworth has helped bring our company’s industry knowledge and custom research to a wider array of clients across the sectors we serve.

Senior client manager Jay Fenik works in depth with our clients in the home and building and lawn and garden sectors to ensure our custom research will deliver precisely what they need.

As our operations director, Grant Gries has worked with many leading manufacturers and retailers on project execution, strategically coordinating internal and external resources to ensure the right resources are allocated to each custom research project.



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