We deliver unbeatable customized
marketing research solutions.

Your company has its own unique needs, not a generic set of problems. To deliver meaningful results you can act on and profit from, your research must be based on a deep understanding of your industry and goals.

Before we create custom research designs, we get to know you and the challenges you’re facing in depth. With this knowledge, we can choose the best tools for your research design and target the right customer segments to meet your objectives.

Of course, we utilize quantitative, qualitative, data collection and analytic methods. But more important, we know what methods are best suited to your situation. With the benefit of our experience, we know which methods — new or time-tested — will generate superior research. As a result, our custom studies yield the useful considerations and tactical recommendations you need.


Custom Research Scope & Design

We strategically and methodically work with you to:

  • Clearly identify challenges, goals and questions to be answered
  • Tightly define audiences, which may include internal stakeholders, dealer/distributors, existing and former customers, prospects, etc.
  • Consider whether qualitative and/or quantitative methodologies are ideal and determine the best data collection tools, which may include online quant, telephone interviews, focus groups, etc. or some combination
  • Determine the amount of information needed and time to gather it, from in-depth face-to-face interviews to brief online surveys
  • Determine the ideal analytical techniques, which could include a combination of cluster analysis, TURF analysis, conjoint analysis, A/B testing, maximum differential, etc.

Quality-Driven Data Collection & Fielding

We’ve honed our skills in gathering the right information from the right audiences for 30 years and provide:

  • Industry-specific profiling and targeting of the respondents you seek, ranging from homeowners to builders, dealers to retailers, electricians to plumbers, architects to building owners, and landscapers to farmers
  • Proven screening techniques, crafting industry-specific questions to ensure we capture the legitimate respondents you need
  • Respondent quality assurance — we constantly review responses and comb through answers to ensure high-quality data is being fed into your analysis and reporting
  • Smart survey design, utilizing best practices and assuring we are asking the right questions

Unbeatable Analysis, Insights, and Recommendations

Utilizing our team of some of the best research specialists in the industry, we:

  • Work closely with you to customize an output structure that will resonoate across various departments of your organization
  • Consider how your custom research aligns with other related industry and category benchmarks
  • Go beyond the data and incorporate industry knowledge, awareness and perspectives
  • Provide more than numbers by adding considerations and recommendations — truly actionable insights and potential solutions

Common Research Projects


Market Sizing & Channel Research

Defines dollar volume, market share and distribution structure through quantitative telephone and online data collection.



Reveals which categories are associated with your current brand position and identifies possible brand extension opportunities.  Uncovers how your customers perceive your brand in comparison to your competition. Identifies positive brand associations to leverage and areas for improvement.


Communication Effectiveness

Qualitative or quantitative research that includes brand advertising and positioning testing, media message testing and package concept testing.


Usage, Attitude,
Behavior, Segmentation

Understands channel and product selection drivers. Uses attitudes and demographics to define distinct segments in your market.



Various phases of research through the product development life cycle that involve qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Phases include concept screening, concept testing and price elasticity.


Customer Satisfaction Research

Understands what customers like and dislike and what would increase their loyalty. Learns where customers shop and how various outlets compare.


Brand Image

Reveals how your customers perceive your organization in comparison to your competition. Identifies positive brand associations to leverage and areas in need of improvement.


Market Expansion/New Market Research


Generates a detailed analysis of specific geographic or market growth to show which locations will strengthen sales and marketing presence.


Category Improvement Research

Compares internal sales and financial performance with customer and market feedback to gain a comprehensive analysis of products being offered. Allows for proper product alignment to meet market needs.