How Landscapers Use Battery vs. Gas Outdoor Power Equipment

Landscaper OPE purchases.png

The Farnsworth Group recently conducted a public study among landscapers on the use and attitudes of gas-powered outdoor power equipment (OPE) versus battery-powered outdoor equipment. A similar study was conducted two years ago, and in that time, there have been noticeable changes in battery-powered OPE use among landscapers.

21% of OPE purchased by landscaping firms over the past 12 months were battery powered, a sizeable increase from the 2016 results. More importantly, we found the larger the firm, the more likely they were to purchase battery-powered OPE in the last year. 32% of OPE purchases in the past 12 months were battery powered among firms doing more than $750,000 in revenue.

What is driving an increase in battery-powered OPE purchases among landscapers? They are:

  • Environmentally friendly, producing clean air

  • Low priced, with the price of battery powered OPE having decreased in recent years

  • High return on investment, as they eliminate the cost of gas.  

However, battery-powered OPE still faces a major hurdle: run time.

Unlike homeowners, landscapers need the equipment to run for hours at a time. Concerns still remain regarding how to charge equipment while in the field, how quickly equipment will charge and how long that charge will last. Of those landscapers surveyed, 33% do not have any battery-powered OPE, due largely to these concerns.

Even as battery-powered outdoor power equipment grows among professionals, there is still a big opportunity to further penetrate the traditional gas-powered OPE market.

Lanscaper OPE purchases 2.png

Next month we’ll review how landscaper attitudes are changing, perceived strengths of battery-powered OPE and perceived weaknesses of battery-powered OPE. Will there be a shift from gas? Will gas maintain clear dominance among certain product categories? Only time will tell, and our next busy season is right around the corner!

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