How Landscapers Really Feel About Battery-Powered OPE

We’ve talked before about homeowner attitudes towards battery and gas-powered Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE). We found that younger homeowners have a more positive view of battery OPE than older generations and that doubts about battery OPE’s run-time remain.

Although gas is still more popular than battery-powered OPE, battery is slowly gaining ground as technology improves. But what about attitudes among landscapers? What are their concerns about battery; when do they prefer battery; are they purchasing more or less battery OPE than in the past? And why?

Concerns About Battery OPE

Landscapers’ top concerns with battery-powered OPE are run-time (64% of landscapers) and power (63%). Those who don’t use any battery OPE said they don’t use it because they doubt the equipment’s longevity and because recharging means downtime on the job.

Landscapers doing less than $750K in annual revenue are two-to-three times more concerned about battery life and power than larger firms.

More than homeowners, landscapers rely on uptime, the ability to run their machines for hours on end. Time is money, and to many, perceptions remain that battery power will die after a couple of hours, which leaves them either waiting to re-charge or needing to have a large supply of charged batteries on hand.

Preferences: Battery vs. Gas

Landscapers, more than homeowners, continue to have perceptions that gas is more durable, powerful and reliable. Even when asked if they would purchase battery-powered OPE or gas-powered OPE, assuming all things are equal in performance, brand, price and specs, 44% of landscapers would prefer gas over battery OPE.

Once prompted, landscapers see the benefits associated with various features of battery-powered OPE such as using indoors, using in noise restricted areas, more portable/easy to transport and reduced costs due to no fuel. In fact, the larger the landscaping firm, the more likely they are to see the benefits of battery-powered OPE.

Current Battery OPE Purchases Compared to the Past

Although negative perceptions about run-time and power are still common, many landscapers are buying more battery OPE than in previous years. When asked if their company buys more battery-powered equipment compared to two or three years ago, 47% of landscapers said they are buying more, compared to only 23% who are buying less.

Perceptions of Battery’s Future

61% of all landscapers that responded said they are at least somewhat likely to buy battery OPE in the next five years, while just 24% said they are unlikely. That’s up 13% from just two years ago.

Not only that, but landscaping firms doing more than $750K in annual revenue and/or younger landscapers are MUCH more likely to purchase battery-powered OPE in the future. Why? The same benefits discussed above (reduced fuel costs, quiet, lightweight).  Larger firms also cited wanting to try new technology.

What will encourage even more landscapers to buy battery OPE? Improvements on their top concerns: longer battery life, lower prices and better durability.

Specific Segments and Battery OPE

The battery vs. gas OPE battle is continuing to heat up, with noticeable perception and behavioral shifts in some pro segments. Younger, larger landscapers are much more engaged with battery or at least willing to try those products.

Insights into specific populations and their perceptions of your product can help you effectively market to different segments in your customer base.

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