The Farnsworth Group Turns 30

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The Farnsworth Group celebrates 30 years of business in 2019. This anniversary offers us a chance to thank our clients, reflect on our past accomplishments, examine how our business has evolved, and think about the future.

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Over the past three decades, TFG has provided actionable recommendations and insights to over 250 industry organizations, from Fortune 500 building product manufacturers to independent hardware dealers to national farm & garden suppliers, without whom we would not be where we are today.

In addition, we assembled the industry’s first online panel of trade professionals exclusively for research purposes. We also created a national call center dedicated to fielding surveys among hard-to-reach customer segments. What’s more, we’ve had the honor of sharing our success with those in need, contributing over $10,000 in charitable donations.

Working in the industry for this long means we’ve gone through many changes. Our research methods have moved from paper mailers and phone calls to a mix of online questionnaires and mobile surveys. The way we analyze industry data has shifted with advances in technology, moving from by-hand tabulations to automated processes.

In terms of output, we continue to adapt how we present insights that drive client strategy, transitioning from data-intensive to visually concise reports. One thing that hasn’t changed is the value our custom insights bring to companies looking to strengthen their position in the market.

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Looking to the future, we recognize the importance of always working to better understand changing industry conditions and customer needs. We are becoming more involved with smart home tech, building processes, and omnichannel markets as we see their influence growing exponentially.

We attribute our longevity to our clients—without whom we wouldn’t exist. We’re grateful for our 30 years of serving the building & home improvement, lawn & garden, and farm & ranch industries.  We’re excited for the next 30!

We always welcome the opportunity to discuss areas your business may need addressed to keep pace with our changing industry. Contact us to start the conversation.