How Millennials Think About Lawn and Garden Brands

How Millennials Think About Lawn and Garden Brands

Because they’ve grown up with so much information right at their fingertips, the millennial generation knows how to find the information they need online to purchase from lawn and garden brands.

Because they’ve grown up with so much information right at their fingertips, the millennial generation knows how to find the information they need online to purchase from lawn and garden brands.

Millennials are also big DIYers, so when it comes to investing in their first piece of outdoor power equipment or tool, they’re going to turn to the internet for information about the best brands (and investments) available.      


If you’re a lawn or garden care brand, there are a few things to remember to effectively reach this growing (and internet-savvy) market.

The Green Generation: Millennials and Home Improvement

The discussion around sustainability is widespread, and for millennials (who are more ecoconscious compared to other generations), that discussion extends to their home life and hobbies...including DIY projects.

Millennials make up a significant number of the DIY community. In fact, according to a recent study, “52% of DIYers are 24 to 44 years old, which means the majority of DIYers are from two different generations: millennials and Gen X.”

Because people in their 20s and 30s are still in the beginning stages of a career and other life events, they’re learning how to budget, plan ahead and make better investments. They’re a growing consumer market for lawn and garden brands, and more companies are taking note of how they make purchasing decisions.

Millennials are innovating the industry with their purchases, and are creating a demand for more resourceful, self-sustaining lawn care methods. "We're seeing more veggies mixed into containers and in the ground," Heather Kibble, marketing manager for Sakata Seeds, said in a report for Patriot News.  

In recent research conducted by The Farnsworth Group and Harvard on Healthy Home Attitudes Among Homeowners, results show the younger the homeowner, and those with children, the more important safe and environmentally friendly products become.

It’s important to conduct your own research into your specific audience, to ensure you understand exactly what millennials are looking for from your company and its products.

Marketing Your Lawn and Garden Brand to Millennial DIYers


Because this younger generation of home buyers and consumers are more likely to tackle projects on their own, they’re going to need the right online resources for creating outdoor spaces they love.

If you’re a lawn and garden brand, you can give them tools for their DIY projects, along with ample information about the lawn and garden care products they’re interested in.

Here are a few methods to start with:

Get to Know Your Audience

Lawn and garden brands can attract this health- and eco-conscious younger generation by giving them tips on caring for native plants or ideas for landscaping in their local areas.

“Millennials have rediscovered the joys of using native plants for landscaping. They are concerned about the environment and are growing native plants that can attract pollinators,” writes Carolyn Black, Master Gardener.

If you aren’t sure what percentage of your audience is millennial-aged or what they are looking for from your company, do some audience research to find out.

Know What Products They’re Looking For

The Farnsworth Group conducted a study about outdoor power equipment and how consumers made purchasing decisions around OPEs.

Lawn trimmers, blowers and walk-behind mowers were noted as the top product types purchased by millennials.

Millennials also follow the same trend that’s been common in home improvement for decades and “purchase OPE [more] than Gen Xers or Boomers due to higher DIY levels among younger generations.”

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 8.48.25 AM.png

Brands like MTD Products promote these popular lawn and garden products (shown above) by including highlights and standards about the equipment, information that millennials care about.

Make Sure You Include Reviews

Millennials spend a significant amount of time researching the products they’re interested in, often “spending numerous hours online researching products and services and sharing their opinions and creations with their friends,” reports Carolyn Black.

Research conducted by The Farnsworth Group also shows the growing importance of reviews, not only with consumers but also professionals. So give them options for sharing information about your products on your social media platforms and on your website.

“They are likely to trust the opinions of friends and peers,” says Black, “[and] they have been raised with technology as part of their everyday lives, so it spills into their gardening endeavors.”

Go Where They Go (Online)

Today’s lawn and garden brands need a strong online presence in order to stay relevant in today’s home improvement industry. This is especially true since younger DIYers spend time researching products on a few different platforms, from social media to Google to Amazon.

The more exposure your brand has on these platforms, the better. But remember that the information you share should be consistent across all of those online mediums.

Offer Resources They Need

Millennials grew up almost entirely during the age of information. To target millennial DIYers, that means you should be offering instructional videos and downloadable content. “Our research regularly highlights the importance of online mediums for DIYers.  How-to content and videos become even more important the younger the DIYer because they are often learning to do projects for the first time” says Grant Farnsworth of The Farnsworth Group.

And because 84% of DIYers are looking at inspirational content all year round, you can give them tutorials and ideas on how to use your product on their next project.

Resources Millennials need from Lawn and Garden Brands.png
  • Offer budget-friendly promotions and resources on Pinterest or feature them front and center on a page just for homeowners, like Toro does (see above).
  • Focus on projects for DIYers and share tips through downloadables, like Husqvarna offers site visitors searching for lawnmowers.
  • Provide checklists or free tutorials on a Vimeo or YouTube channel.

The Future of Lawn and Garden Care

“Millennials have a strong desire to make the world a better place and contribute to the greater good,” says Carolyn Black, Master Gardener.

By working to understand the younger generation, product solutions and quality equipment they need, lawn and garden care brands can support the future of the industry and the environment.

If you don’t know where to start, we can help. Learn more about what solutions millennials are looking for, and establish your brand as a trusted lawn and garden resource (and expert), by contacting The Farnsworth Group here.